Litigation PR

We act for claimant or defendant in criminal, regulatory and civil actions.

There are many issues to consider before the media
exposes your dispute:

  • Can you control the information flow?
  • Should you comment publicly and, if so, when?
  • What can be divulged pre-trial?
  • Should your shareholders know in advance?
  • What do you tell employees without destabilising the business
    or risking leaks?
  • If the other side is briefing, should you react?

Above all,

how do you balance the public’s right to know with your desire for

If even just one of these issues resonates, do get in touch as Bell Yard can help.

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Litigation PR Services

Bell Yard is one of the few London PR firms with a long-standing track record across a range of case types and sectors.

Needless to say we are especially careful when acting in jury trials, to avoid any commentary outside the court that may be considered prejudicial under the Contempt of Court Act (1981).

Our Litigation PR services include:

  • Media risk assessment
  • Dispute profiling
  • Political PR strategies
  • Settlement PR
  • Trial PR handling
  • ‘Aftermath’ management

If we can assist with any of these services, do get in touch.

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Litigation PR Clients

Over the years we have helped guide HNW individuals, companies, law firms, finance houses, family-run businesses, celebrities and embattled employees through the challenging process of being in the public eye during times of dispute or difficulty.

Claimants or defendants may require media support on matters from fraud to divorce or from employment actions to personal injury cases. The media spotlight may fall on judicial reviews or sensitive coroners’ inquests. Perhaps intellectual property disputes or planning law reviews. Even administrative court proceedings and certainly some criminal prosecutions.

Long-standing experience

Bell Yard’s experienced litigation PR practitioners marry an understanding of the legal process with a sharp awareness of what makes a good story. We are trusted to deliver by lawyers and their clients.

The challenges Bell Yard has worked on are many and varied

Some of our client cases have settled early partly due to the media attention we helped generate, others have involved Bell Yard’s engagement for daily media rebuttals through trial or longer-term targeted and persuasive communications activity aimed at key stakeholder groups.

See some of our litigation PR experience here.

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We are recognised leaders in our field. We are proud to uphold the ethical and educational standards for the PR industry as members of the CIPR and PRCA.

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