International Commodities Company

An international commodities company had successfully sued a trader for breach of contract in failing to pay $26m for cargo received. It had since tried to secure payment using the judgment without success and so turned to Bell Yard for assistance in highlighting its plight to assist in its enforcement efforts.

We worked with the legal team to publicise the worldwide freezing order (WFO) against the high-profile trader and, unusually, a warrant for his arrest from the UK High Court.

We briefed Reuters and the WSJ, both as outlets that had a potential impact on the errant trader’s business relationships. We used creative media angles – highlighting the trader’s familial ties with discredited individuals. In the end, it was the media coverage that brought the party to the table and settlement was achieved.

Our client was satisfied that timely media engagement in support of the legal process created the conditions to resolve the issue.

We are recognised leaders in our field. We are proud to uphold the ethical and educational standards for the PR industry as members of the CIPR and PRCA.

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