Depp vs Heard: Court Drama

Johnny Depp has described his US defamation trial as an attempt to clear his name for his children and a quest for the truth.

Others see it as a desperate last throw of the dice to save his career and a further sign of his delusion which will confirm his spectacular fall from grace.

It is, of course, entirely possible that a Jury in Virginia could produce a different outcome to the English High Court’s finding in November 2020 that Depp was a wife beater.

The question is: does the legal outcome in this latest case really matter anymore to anyone except the parties involved? In the wider court of public opinion, we have already been told more than we wanted to know. The once-revered Hollywood heartthrob who previously dated Kate Moss and became a respected actor in an impressive string of movies seems a troubled man with considerable personal issues. His former wife appears also to be a complex individual, to say the least, with her own share of flaws and proclivities.  They undoubtedly had a highly toxic relationship. Those close to them might do well to advise them to stop fighting, leave the past to the past and allow themselves to emerge from the wreckage personally and professionally.

Whether the final result brings the score to 0-2 or 1-1 (notwithstanding that the UK case was actually against The Sun newspaper), the damage has been done to both parties’ reputations which only time out of the spotlight and some major charity work can heal.

But hang on, might there possibly be a silver lining? It’s fair to say we are no longer shocked by their escapades and unbecoming behaviour of which we are hearing. Mr Depp’s team might just be able to throw some white spots of sympathy on the character canvas we already see as rather black. Regardless of the final verdict, we all know Ms Heard is capable of breathtaking performances.  

Many will no longer be interested in the characters still locked in battle. The witness line-up is looking a far more entertaining prospect. The next question is: will this drama be made into a movie one day?  Life imitating art imitating life… the show must go on.

By Bell Yard Communications (21/04/2022)

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